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Perth Driving Lessons Manual DrivingCall your local experts on manual driving. We have been providing driving lessons services to the Perth community since 2001. We treat our students with the utmost respect and understand their needs. Learning to drive a manual transmission vehicle can be a fun and memorable experience. If you appoint the right teacher, you will minimize your time acquiring the skill. You will spend less due to our effective communication throughout your training.

The level of difficulty in early stages of driving a car with a manual transmission in most cases will greatly depend on the following factors:

  • Learner’s ability to coordinate multiple tasks at the same time
  • Student’s overall approach to learning a practical skill
  • Willingness to openly ask questions and take notes
  • Ability to focus on instructions given at short notice and speed of processing

We are capable of demonstrating all-important exercises involving clutch control, gear selection, and timing. A set of dual controls on passenger’s side allows us to handle any potential crises safely. It takes longer to be ready for the driving test and obtain a manual “C class” driver’s license than an automatic. There is no substitute for quality driving tuition. We have millions of kilometres of experience and would love to share our vast knowledge with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION today.

We have female and male professional driving instructors who would be delighted to help. Book us online (instant online booking). We come to you. Cars we use are modern and we have various models mainly small hatch or sedans. In addition to providing manual driving lessons, we can hire you a car for your upcoming Driving Assessment PDA. Plus we teach Automatic too. So, anything to do with driving, we got you covered. If you want to pass in a minimal amount of time and spend less, give us a call.