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We come to you seven days a week. Contact Pass Driving Auto School for your automatic driving tuition. We have two decades of driver education in Perth. We teach our learners how to drive safely and skillfully. Learning to drive a car in Perth is a big deal for most young teenagers. We make it easy and safe. If you book one of our instructors, you will minimize the time and overall expenses. Our highly effective training methods and excellent communication skills will enable you to drive at a good standard in a relatively short amount of time.

Some learner drivers are more nervous than others. Especially in their first lesson ever. Rest assured, we specialize in making beginners understand the simplicity of our highly practical driving courses for both automatic and manual transmission.

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Our area of expertise

  • Helping nervous drivers become more confident and competentAutomatic driving
  • Automatic and manual professional driver training (all aspects)
  • Mock test, driving test routine familiarisation and thorough practice
  • All types of low and high-speed manoeuvers (car parks, freeways, residential streets)
  • Exercise Left Something Behind & Parallel Parking
  • We are capable of handling any potential crises from the passenger’s side
  • We encourage learners to ask any relevant questions freely
  • Our clients enjoy automatic driving tuition and recommend us to others

We will do a detailed presentation of exercises involving test criteria. Ability to meet the standard in the PDA will determine results. There is no substitute for quality driver training with our instructors who have multiple classes of driver’s license and millions of miles of experience. Find out what is the option for you before you even book a driving lesson. We offer FREE CONSULTATION Know what to expect before you are ready to make any decisions. Our consultations are obligation-free.