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Auto and Manual Driving Lessons


Manual Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons

Learn how to drive a manual car with experts. We offer practical manual driving lessons, comprehensive theory learning, and practical driving test practice. Our driving instructors have a vast amount of experience and thousands of happy past clients in Perth. Our learner driver program for manual transmission vehicle is very efficient. In comparison to automatic driver training test preparation, it takes a little longer to master the skill. We always say the mother of all skills is repetition. To practice driving on our purpose equipped dual controlled vehicles and to have guidance by best driving instructors in the industry give us a call today. We provide FREE consultations seven days a week. Call today.

Check availability for manual driving lessons and an instructor near you. Instant Online Booking and Management of your lessons.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Register your interest for an Automatic car driving lessons with our professional driving instructors by calling us or visit our Online Booking page where you can register your name with your preference of type of car and driving instructor. Automatic driving lessons we offer are practical and carefree. We will teach you at your pace and have great results in a short period. We enjoy coaching diligent and disciplined learner drivers. To be prepared to sit for your Driving test with an automatic transmission vehicle, an average number of professional driving lessons with us is 15 if you are starting from scratch. Our automatic instructors have a massive amount of experience and have a proactive approach to solving problems while teaching.

Check availability for auto driving lessons and an instructor near you. Instant Online Booking and Management of your lessons.


Automatic Licence to Manual Licence Upgrade

Auto and manual driving lessons are different in complexity due to the amount of multitasking while driving a manual transmission car. Automatic car license holders find it relatively easy to adjust to the difference and adopt new techniques when switching to a manual transmission. If you are upgrading your driver’s license, please contact us for a FREE consultation. We can organize everything for you. The number of manual driving lessons required for experienced automatic drivers is usually between 5 and 10 depending on previous familiarity and amount of non-professional driving lessons.

Check availability for manual driving lessons and an instructor near you. Instant Online Booking and Management of your lessons.

Earlier Driving Test Bookings

Earlier Driving Test Dates in Perth

We can find driving test dates and times at the licensing center location of your preference at NO additional cost. We help all of our learner drivers reach their goals. We will find a test booking at your local test center at a very short notice. Please feel free to contact us as the PDA bookings are randomly released and often 2 or 3 months in advance. Test dates availability is also shared between our instructors so whenever they become available, we can secure an early date for or clients. Also, we can swap bookings that are under our existing learner’s names who may not be able or ready to attend. Here is Department of Transport direct link if you would like to check. PDA BOOKINGS

Check availability of instructors or to hire a car for your Practical Driving Assessment. Online Booking instantly confirmed 24/7

Test car hire

Driving Test Car Hire

We can provide you with a dual controlled car for your practical driving exam at a relatively short notice depending on the time of the test and location of the licensing center. 24 hours prior would be great so that we can get everything organized on time. It is our policy for a candidate to have a minimum of 45 minutes vehicle familiarization before driving test in the proximity of the licensing center where the PDA will be conducted. We reserve the right to decline a candidate if in our opinion they are incapable of handling a motor vehicle safely. BOOK OUR CAR ONLINE

Automatic and manual cars are available, all equipped with dual pedals and are in perfect mechanical condition. Feel free to call us for any additional info.

Book driving lesson online

Book Driving Lesson Online

Click on a big red button now. Find a driving instructor near you and book your driving lesson online. Bookings are instantly confirmed so you can rest assured that you can book and manage you driving lessons 24/7 in the privacy of your home. Our driving instructors are true driving experts and are fully qualified.

Lessons start at $70.00 for 60 minutes appointment in most metropolitan suburbs.

Intensive 180 minutes lesson

180 minute lesson (most suburbs) An intensive PDA preparation


Freeway Lessons

90 minutes driving lesson on the freeway during peak hour (subject to availability)


Most Popular PDA package

90 minutes driving lesson plus PDA


Test Car Hire

Hire one of our vehicles for your driving test (24 hours notice required) 45 minutes lesson and PDA